Four Generations of Coulthursts


1. John Coulthurst was born about 1777. He died on 1 Dec 1844. He was buried in Weekley,Northants.

He was married to Martha. Martha was born about 1780. She died on 27 Jan 1840. She was buried in Weekley,Northants. Children of John Coulthurst and Martha were:

2 i. Richard Coulthurst was born in 1800. He died in 1826 in Weekley,Northants.
3 ii. William Coulthurst was born in 1807. He died on 12 Sep 1874 in Weekley,Northants.
+4 iii. James Coulthurst.
5 iv. John Coulthurst was born in 1818. He died on 29 May 1835 in Weekley,Northants.
6 v. Miriam Coulthurst was born in 1819 in Weekley,Northants.


4. James Coulthurst was born in 1814 in Weekley,Northants. He died on 12 Apr 1892.

Sarah Harrop was born about 1821 in Rushden ,Northants. She died on 30 Mar 1894. Children of James Coulthurst and his wife Sarah Harrop were:

+7 i. Miriam Coulthurst.
8 ii. Mary E Coulthurst was born in 1846 in Stretton Rutland. She was a widow and 'domestic companion' in 1881 at 7 Langham Place, Northampton.
+9 iii. James Coulthurst.
+10 iv. Sarah 'Sally' Coulthurst.
11 v. George Coulthurst was born in 1854 in Burton Upon Stather. He was baptized on 22 Jan 1854 in Flixborough. He was a butcher, living at 3 Hereford Rd, Paddington in 1881. . In 1892 he was living at Manor Farm West Halton with brother Richard Dewhurst according to White's Directory .
+12 vi. Richard Dewhurst Coulthurst.
13 vii. Fred Coulthurst was born in 1861 in Burton Upon Stather. He was also a Butcher in 1881 at 3 Hereford Rd, Paddington.
+14 viii. 'Pattie' Coulthurst.


7. Miriam Coulthurst was born in 1841 in Rushden ,Northants.
She was married to John Cove who was was born in 1834 in Long Lawford , Warwick. He was a shoe manufacturer in 1881 in 7 Langham Place, Northampton. Children of Miriam Coulthurst and John Cove were:
15 i. Ethel M Cove who was born in 1871 in Northampton.
16 ii. Herbert J Cove who was born in 1876.

9. James Coulthurst was born in 1847 in Stretton Rutland. He resided at Peacock Cottage, West Halton in 1892. (White's Directory) . He was an Asst. Game Keeper to the Sheffield family at Normanby Park and died in 1914 in West Halton .

He was married to Mary Ann Grassam in 1886. Mary Ann Grassam was born in 1851 in Spalding Lincolnshire. She appeared on the census in 1871 in The Crescent, Spalding. She was a Governess in 1871 in The Crescent, Spalding. She died in 1918 in West Halton , Lincolnshire. Before marriage she was governess to the chidren of Henry and Catherine Foster of Gunness.
(He was a farmer of 770 acres and had at least 11 children.) Children of James Coulthurst and Mary Ann Grassam were:

+17 i. Kate Coulthurst.
+18 ii. Clement James Coulthurst.
19 iii. Frank Coulthurst was born in 1895. He died on 6 Sep 1916 in Maroeuil, Pas-de Calais.
10. Sarah 'Sally' Coulthurst was born in 1850 in Stretton Rutland. She was housekeeper to her brothers George and Fred in 1881 in 3 Hereford Rd, Paddington. She married a carpenter Arthur J Waddingham who was born in 1865 in West Halton .
He made a mirror now belonging to Kathleen Anne Spilman. Sarah 'Sally' Coulthurst and Arthur J Waddingham had no known children.

12. Richard Dewhurst Coulthurst was born in 1859. He appeared on the census in 1881 in Burton Wood House. and on the census in 1891 in the Manor House, West Halton. . Later he was a farmer of Normanby Grange, near Burton upon Stather. He died on 19 Jul 1916 and was buried in Burton Upon Stather.
He was married to Annie Elizabeth
('Aunt Annie Dick') Cheesman in 1891. Annie Elizabeth'' Cheesman was born about 1861 in Waltham,Lincs. She died on 1 Jul 1937 and farmed at Normanby Grange with her son Edward James Coulthurst after her husband died. Children of Richard Dewhurst Coulthurst and Annie Elizabeth Cheesman were:

20 i. Annie (Dolly) Coulthurst died on 24 Mar 1955 in Burton Upon Stather. She was a Spinster.
+21 ii. Edward James Coulthurst.
+22 iii. Miriam Gertrude Coulthurst.

14. 'Pattie' Coulthurst.

She was married to a Mr West. 'Pattie' Coulthurst and her husband had no known children.


17. Kate Coulthurst was born in 1890. She died on 15 Jan 1959.
(my grandmother)
She was married to Thomas Levick Spilman on 12 Apr 1917. He was born on 8 Feb 1893 and died on 7 Mar 1976 after a stroke. Children of Kate Coulthurst and Thomas Levick Spilman were:

+23 i. Helena Mary Spilman.
(my mother) died 1995
24 ii. Thomas Levick Noel Spilman was born on 25 Dec 1922 in Whitton.
He was killed in action on 23 Oct 1944 in Forli, Italy and buried in Cesena War Cemetery, Grave Reference/Panel Number: VII, F, 13.
+25 iii. Patricia Coulthurst Spilman died 2005
+26 iv. Kathleen Anne Aitken Spilman.

18. Clement James Coulthurst was born in 1894. He died in 1966. He was a farmer of Manor Farm, West Halton.
Harriet Gertrude Spilman was born on 3 Jul 1891. She died on 17 Apr 1954 of cancer. Children of Clement James Coulthurst and Harriet Gertrude Spilman were:

+27 i. James Coulthurst died in 2000.
+28 ii. Levick Coulthurst died in 2012

21. Edward James Coulthurst was born on 25 Dec 1893. He died on 7 Oct 1952. He was a farmer of Coleby hamlet in Coleby Hall, West Halton parish.
He was married to Isabel Mary North. She was born on 4 Jan 1895 in Beverley and died on 30 Jul 1961. Children of Edward James Coulthurst and Isabel Mary North were:

+29 i. Richard North Coulthurst died 1988
22. Miriam Gertrude Coulthurst was born in 1897. She died on 2 Feb 1981. She was buried in Burton Upon Stather.
She was married to Arthur Wakefield Lee. Arthur Wakefield Lee died 3 July 194? age 46. He was buried in Burton upon Stather. Children of Miriam Gertrude Coulthurst and Arthur Wakefield Lee were:
30 i. Rachel Elizabeth Lee.
31 ii. Patience Mary Lee.
32 iii. Angela Gillian Lee.