A transcription of the 1799 Seating Plan  for the new Whitton Church

- with the original below it...
men servants   men servants
9 Churchwardens
Ric'd Langton
8 Vicarage Pew
10 John Walker 7 Saml Butter
11 Reading Desk 6 Joseph Sharp
and John Spilman
12 John Wetherill, James Alcock,
John Dobbs, Elizabeth Bolderham
5 Thos Cousins
13 John Westoby,Thos Brown,
R Langton when there is a House on his freehold
4 Robt Ashton, Mary Kirk,
Thomas Gell, Geo Epworth
14 John Wade,John Booth,
Ann Langton,Jos Dinsdale
3 Jos Richardson, Geo Pickersgill, John Fell,
Charles Berry
15 Nath'l Easton, Robt Easton,
Rich'd Booth, Robert Green
2 John Barley, Elisha Wade,
Willian Reed, Robt Beacock
16 Widows & single Housekeepers 1 Female servants


On the third day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine at a Meeting of the Parishioners of Whitton held in their new Church the seats were appropriated to the Houses by Lot according to the plan form hereunto annexed and the following resolutions were passed Nemine contradicente
1. That the churchwardens for time being shall    always sit in the North East Corner of No nine.
 2. If any of the farmers seats viz. No 5,6,7,9,8 10 should at any time be over filled the Overplus to have full Liberty to sit in another of the numbers which is not fill’d without asking Leave.
3. That the two Freeholders’ seats viz No 12 and 13 shall mutually allow the same privelege to each other and that the five Cottagers’ seats, viz No 2,3,4,14,15 shall always allow the same privilege to each other.
 And lastly that any inhabitant of Mr. Goulton’s. Houses in this Parish not mentioned in the plan form above shall have a Right to sit in any of the seats if not full, numbered 1,2,3,4,14,15,16,
Witness our hands on the Day and Year above written.
Wm Cookson Vicar, Rich Langton Churchwarden, Saml Butters, Thos Cousins, Thos Walker vice John his father, Joseph Sharpe, John Dobbs, John Laming, John Barley, Joseph Dinsdale, Thos Gell  

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