Whitton C of E School Photos

The 1935 class. Lillian Ellis (standing behind Class) taught the children of Whitton from 1913 until 27th October 1941.
Back row from left: Barbara Foster, Olga Waddingham, Jessie Burgess, Henry Bray, Joyce Barley, Mary Barley, Katie Thornton, Frank Breeton, Brian Birkitt, Frank Barley;
Second row from left: Tony Fisher, Ralph Bray, Diane Bray, Margaret Berridge, Nigel Spilman, Harry Spink, John Birkitt, Norman Fisher;
Third row from left:background-repeat: repeat-y; Robert Bray, Ernie Cowling, Frank Cowling;
Sitting from left: Elaine Bray, Mary Waddingham, Joan Fisher.


The Class of 1909 with Mrs Eleanor Smedley at right who retired due to illness in 1913.
With the exception of Gwen Bullivant (1902-1981) who sits fourth from right on the front row in a white 'pinny', the names of the children are unknown, but will almost certainly include Barleys, Cowlings, Hurds and Standerlines, Parrotts, Peakes and Shorts ....


Another Whitton pre-first world war photo with Mrs Eleanor Smedley at right.

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