The Three Bells of Whitton Church

Bells one and two bear the inscriptions : 'Daniel Hedderly made me in 1742' and 'John Walker C.W. 1742' and are 24 inches and 25 3/4 inches in diameter respectively.

'The 3rd bell is thought to have been brought from Welton on the other side of the Humber and that tradition is confirmed by the fact that there is still in that Church, a bell precisely similar to this in the lettering: +MARIA MATER DEI EST NOMEN MEUM+. This inscription at Whitton presents the peculiarity of two crosses close together where the beginning and end of the inscription approach each other.' - Rev J.T. Fowler, 1 Aug 1845
Notes :This bell is thought to date from about the year 1400 and may have been cast in York
by John Potter. The latin means 'My name is Mary the mother of God'.

Photos : Courtesy of Fran Ross

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